Back in my PHP days, I knew there was 2 main ways to serve a PHP site: Apache + mod_php Apache + FastCGI * ok, actually is any webserver with FastCGI support on this last one (nginx, lighttpd, cherokee, and so on). When I started in Rails, I found strange that no one recommends to… Read More

WordPress is the “de facto” standard when talking about blogs. Furthermore, WP is not restricted to the blog universe – WP is largely used as a CMS to make non-blog websites. 23% of the whole internet are build with WordPress. Sites like Time, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Fortune, Variety, Sony, Reuters, GM, Best Buy, and so on. And more important: WP was… Read More

UPDATED: on Ubuntu 15 (.04 and .10), the default PHP version is the 5.6. On Ubuntu 14, now the default PHP version is the 5.5. Q: When will PHP 5.6 be in the official Canonical repos? A: Probably never. This question was answered by Marc Deslauriers, security engineer at Canonical, and make sense since Canonical point of… Read More