Let’s say you have a product model and wants to insert a picture on it. Unfortunately Rail’s Active Record doesn’t provides a native way to work with binary fields. We can easily add a string field, for example, but we can’t add a file field. Dragonfly is a gem that extends ActiveRecord, allowing to have… Read More

Virtually every single site that I had made have a form that asks for the user’s city and state. It’s a simple thing, omnipresent in almost any website, but oddly there’s no library to deal with that. Maybe its a regional need, specific to my country, IDK, I just know that is very usual to… Read More

CodeFly is a gem that I made, that allows you to do parallel / asynchronous programming in Rails. This is how a classic code looks like:

This is how a flied code looks like:

The first code will take 2.5 sec, but the second will take only 1.5, almost the twice of speed.… Read More